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At Laino Excavations we have a fundamental passion for drilling. Over the years we have become experts in rock drilling and have developed the capability and expertise to cut through the rocky surface layers of the earth’s crust.

Due to the unpredictable nature of rock formations we carry an extensive range of tooling onsite as there is no one tool to handle every formation. Essentially, it all comes down to our expertise in knowing what tool or combination of tools will result in the best penetration rates for the geological conditions at hand, and having onsite access to tooling affords us the flexibility and efficiency to choose the right combination of drilling tools on site and without delay.

We are equipped to drill through rock from 5MPa, such as sandstone, to over 150MPa, such as bluestone, with drill range up to 1800mm diameter and depth capabilities of up to 8 metres, and we have a range of tooling to tackle most geological conditions using one or a combination of the following methods:

Auger Drilling

Our augers are designed and engineered to drill into all soil and clay profiles, and soft to medium rock profiles. We have an extensive inventory of single and double flight augers which are designed to be effective with little to no down pressure.

Our drill range is from 200mm up to 1800mm diameter and depth capabilities of up to 8 metres and we carry heavy duty auger drives to suit even the toughest applications.

Core Barrel Drilling

Our core barrels have the strength and versatility to work in the most difficult conditions.

They are custom designed and engineered with tungsten carbide teeth to drill through medium to extreme hard rock including mudstone, shale, reef, white rock, rock floaters, bluestone, basalt and ironstone.  They are also utilised for penetration through artificial materials such as masonry and reinforced concrete.

A major advantage of drilling with this tool is it will not deflect laterally when encountering deflecting layers of rock or irregular surfaces.

There are several factors we consider when deciding on which drilling method/s to adopt. Strata, depth & diameter, budget, and site constraints all play a part in our decision-making process.

Rest assured we are specialists in our field. With these factors in mind, and our extensive knowledge of subsurface conditions, we can provide the most accurate solution to execute any project.

While geotechnical reports are invaluable, they are based on soil & rock samples and are therefore not always exclusively reliable in providing us with complete insight into the true geological conditions on site.

Often when we encounter rock it’s not until a borehole is begun that we can properly assess the density and consistency of a formation to be able to work out the rate of penetration and to select the most suitable tooling to form a shaft. This is also why it is not always possible to calculate conclusive timeframes.

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Copyright © 2018 Laino Excavations Pty. Ltd. All rights reserved